Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I know I said I'd share about our Charleston trip this week, but it looks like I won't get around to sharing that until next week. Womp womp womp. Busy weeks put this little blog of mine on the back burner, and that's OKAY! :)

I did want to pop in here today and ask for y'all's help though, I am looking to store my pictures online somewhere. I want to store them on a hard drive as well as a place online in case something were to happen to either, I would hopefully have a back up storage location. 

So, where do y'all store your pictures online? Google Drive or some place else? 

Send me all your suggestions, please!! 

Friday, July 21, 2017


If you follow along over on my Instagram then you probably saw that we went to Charleston for a few days. It's was a very last minute trip and we had the best time celebrating our 2nd anniversary in the beautiful town. Next week I'll do a recap on our trip, but for now here are a few pictures!

- We're getting back into our routines, but like always, coming back from vacation is rough! We were extremely excited to get back to our sweet girl though. My in-laws kept her and she loved staying with them!

- I am finally starting to like The Office. Jim and Pam are completely hitting me in all my feels, ha! I have been warned by many people that the last episode will leave me sobbing.

- What are your favorite items at Aldi? I have heard their pizza is really good, so I am going to try one of those next time I'm in there to grocery shop, but i'd love to know more of your Aldi favorites! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Since yesterday was our 2nd anniversary I thought I would share some of our favorite pictures from our sweet day. I will forever cherish all of our wedding pictures, and I look through them often. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Happy 2nd anniversary, my love. The one who has chosen to walk alongside me in spite of me. The one who wakes up with intent to honor me above himself. The one who offers grace-upon-grace to my selfishness, fears, and lack of faith. Your love has changed me for the better, and I pray for many more years of sweet, sweet refinement through our marriage. Thank you for leading us well, challenging me towards boldness, making me laugh constantly, and truly knowing my heart.  I'm so proud to be yours, and I'm just as giddy over you today as I was the day I married you. Life with you is my favorite adventure!