Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Crafts

Below are a few different ideas for Father's Day coming up! There are a ton of different ideas out there, but here are just a couple that I found that I liked the most. 

I work in a daycare...I have ages 8 weeks to 12 months old.
The most I can do is footprints and handprints and as you probably know babies like to keep their hands in a fist so I mostly stick to foorprints when dealing with paint. I do try to trace their hands occasionally but I have learned a trick....I have traced all the babies hands and I saved that and just use it for every project so I don't have to keep tracing and keep tracing. With 8 babies all on their own schedules this just saves time.

Father's Day project #1

I did pink for the girls and green for the boys.

The cute poem I found online!

Father's Day project #2

The front
Just use washable paint and make a footprint and then use
the tips of their fingers to make the polka dots.

The back

The saying on the back

I made this tie just for you to wear on your special day with love...
from my tiny fingers to the tips of my toes.
Now put it on and let's get a picture together,
so we can look back later in years and remember our first Father's Day together!

I traced the original copy of the tie on a piece of poster board
so it would be thick enough to hold paint and not tear.

Father's Day project #3

The cute saying I put at the bottom.

The finished project!

Most of the Daddy's in my classroom are first time daddy's
it's the sweetest thing ever seeing them get excited when just talking about it.
Happy Early Father's Day to my sweet and hard working daddy and all the other Daddy's out there.
Enjoy your special day!


  1. I love poetry. And since father's day is coming, I thought that I should gather and browse for some fathers day poems that can serve as my inspiration. They're good for cards too. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Happy Father's Day!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Great gift ideas for kids to do!!!


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